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About Us

Experienced in supplying our branded products, private label programs and exclusive brands to leading US retailers, food service customers, independent stores and direct to individual customers.  We have the expertise and credentials to support the needs of all customers looking for a responsibly sourced canned seafood range.


sustainable seafood products you can trust

Back in 2004 we launched our founding brand, American Tuna, to market and promote albacore tuna from the American pole & line and troll fishing community operating off the west coast of the United States.  These fishermen use the traditional harvest method, catching albacore tuna one-by-one; the most sustainable way to catch tuna.

Since then, we have partnered with further one-by-one tuna fisheries around the world to support other species and fishing communities from the Maldives to New Zealand. 

We’ve also expanded our range beyond tuna; sustainably sourcing canned salmon and pet food – and we continue to look for opportunities to grow our portfolio.

We’re a small, dynamic team supplying retailers, distributors, deli’s and more with products that meet their needs – either in one of our own brands, under an exclusive brand, or as a private label program. 

Through our customers, we want every US consumer to have access to sustainable seafood products they can trust. 

Our capabilities





PRODuct Variety

  • Cans or flexible pouches
  • Fully printed or labelled
  • Range of sizes: 2.5oz to 110oz
  • Pack quality: solid, chunk, flake or raw pack
  • Variants: water, oil (including extra virgin olive oil), recipe flavor
  • Single product or multi-packs in shrink or cardstock
  • Shelf ready packaging available

Supply Chain Flexibility

  • FCL, FTL, LTL Pallets
  • Deliveries floor loaded or palletized
  • FOB Port Warehouse or Delivered
  • Dedicated domestic inventory available

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