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Read about our brands below, or contact us for information about private label capabilities.

Produced exclusively in Oregon & Washington, our founding brand was the first MSC certified sustainable canned tuna sold in the USA.

These premium raw pack products only use albacore tuna caught by US flagged vessels and are available in single serve formats as well as food service pouches and cans.

Wild caught pacific pink and sockeye salmon.  These products are skinless & boneless, packed in USA in Alaska or Oregon, and graded to ensure quality. 

One-by-one caught skipjack and albacore sourced exclusively from small-scale fisheries.  The tuna is hand filleted and packed in olive oil, with salt or simply in water resulting in a premium chunk product.

Premium pole & line caught red meat tuna cat food; also available topped with shrimp or salmon.

Food service formats of premium skipjack or yellowfin chunks packed in water.  These products are available in 110oz flexible pouches, using tuna one-by-one caught in Maldives or Indonesia. 

Private Label

We also offer an extensive private label range.